Text Box: Recycled concrete is a big seller at Live Oak.

We process it ourselves with a crushing and screening plant to produce a high quality base material known as crushed concrete base.

Our sand is brought in by barge to our yard from Fordyce as well as our rock and gravel.  Fordyce materials’ are superb quality and readily available.

Live Oak Materials has several suppliers that are able to meet most custom demands.

We supply a wide variety of sand, dirt, base materials, and rock.

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Material Description


2” #2 Crushed Concrete Base

Sold by the Ton

Masonary Sand

Sold by the Ton or Bag

Concrete Sand

Sold by the Ton or Bag

3/4” Limestone

Sold by the Ton

1 1/2” Gravel

Sold by the Ton

Sandy Loam Dirt

Sold by the Ton

3/8” Pea Gravel

Sold by the Ton

1” River Gravel

Sold by the Ton

Rock Sand

Sold by the Ton

Bank Sand

Sold by the Ton