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Live Oak Materials, Inc.

Our ready-mixed concrete has provided customers with reliable foundations, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, pillars, and other structures since 1985.

Product Summary
Text Box: Lab tested for strength.
TXDOT approved.
Customer satisfaction keeps us going strong.  Its our priority.

A sample of some of the mixes we supply are:


1000 PSI Ready Mix

2000 PSI Ready Mix

2500 PSI Ready Mix

2 Sack Grout

3000 PSI Ready Mix

3500 PSI Ready Mix

3 Sack Grout

4000 PSI Ready Mix

4500 PSI Ready Mix

4 Sack Grout

4 Sack Flowable Fill

5000 PSI Ready Mix

5 Sack Grout

6000 PSI Ready Mix

6 Sack Grout

7 Sack Pool Mix3/8 Aggregate

7 Sack Grout

7 Sack Wall Mix

8 Sack Grout

9 Sack Grout

Class A Ready Mix

Class B Ready Mix

Class C Ready Mix


Any variation of mixes can be accommodated.



Live Oak Materials supplies top of the line products with an extensive quality control program.


We value the customers satisfaction and strive for timely delivery whether it is one yard or 10,000.


Any job, large or small, is important to us.


Fuel and delivery charges apply depending on distance of delivery.


Ask the admin office or dispatcher for details at

(361) 775-0065 admin or (361) 776-3575 dispatch.

Text Box: Color additives are available.


Over 30 colors available!

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Ready mixed concrete is produced from a mixture of cementitous materials, aggregates, water, and admixtures. The following products are also available and can be customized and proportioned to fit your specific needs and application:

 Air Entraining Admixture

 Chloride Accelerator

 Fly Ash

 Hydration Control Admixture/Stabilizer

 High-Range Water-Reducing Admixture (Super-plasticizer)

 Ice and Chilled Water

 Mid-Range Water-Reducing Admixture

 Non-Chloride Accelerator

 Silica Fume (Micro Silica)

 Others Specialty Admixtures

 Various Aggregates (Sand, Stone, and Gravel) are also available


Fly Ash and recycled aggregates can qualify for recycled content credit on LEED projects